There are various kinds of apartments within the facility, but they can be generally divided into Deluxe Apartments (size: from 50 to 90m2) and Studio Apartments (size: to 30m2). All apartments are equipped with everything that is necessary for comfortable stay – air condition, modern bathrooms, kitchens with cooking utensils and cutlery, cable TV etc. On the list below you can find a description of each apartment respectively. In order to see a specific apartment, click on its name or photo.


Studio apartments
SA9 - 1/3, ground floor
SA1 - 1/3, ground floor
SA2 - 1/3, ground floor
SA3 - 1/2, ground floor
SA10 - 1/3, ground floor
SA4 - 1/2, 2nd floor
SA5 - 1/2, 2nd floor
SA6 - 1/3, 2nd floor
SA11 - 1/2, 3rd floor
SA12 - 1/2, 3rd floor
SA13 - 1/3, 3rd floor
SA14 - 1/3, 4th floor
SA15 - 1/2, 4th floor
De-Lux apartments
Lux A8, 90m2, plus two rooms, 1/5+1
Lux A7, 55m2, plus one room, 1/3+1
Lux A16, 55m2, plus one room, 1/3+1
Lux A17, 55m2, plus one room, 1/3+1



Lux (Deluxe Apartments);
SA - Studio Apartments; 
1/3+1, 1/2 etc. marks, for example, one apartment with 3 beds and 1 additional if necessary etc.
Number of floors: 4, most of which have a clear or partial sea view,
except for the ground floor