Petrovac is a small town, once authentic fishing village, on the Montenegrin coast. It is famous for its mild Mediterranean climate with more than 300 sunny days a year, sandy beaches, green Mediterranean forest and trees, with a sheer mountain chain of Pastrovici rising above it and separating Petrovac from National Park Skadar Lake, which is only 17km far away.

The entire town emanates the Mediterranean spirit: old stone houses resting among various trees – olives, oranges, laurel, lemon, oleanders… About a dozen Pastrovici villages are in vicinity of Petrovac, surrounded by forest, stones, sun and with a view of blue Adriatic Sea.

Stupendous natural pearls of Petrovac are its sandy beaches to which numerous tourist return every year.
Petrovac Town Beach on which Petrovac itself rests and its promenade are the place where the most interesting events happen, where tourists enjoy walking, listening to music, having fun together, tasting domestic cuisine, national and international specialties … Town Beach is a magnificent beach with a modern, utterly urban settlement lying behind it, with clear blue water and air filled with Mediterranean sweet smell of pine-trees, cypresses and oleanders…. 

Lučice Beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Montenegrin coast, a real Mediterranean pearl, hidden among greenery. On this beach many tourist like to rest and relax. It is about 800m away from center of town.

Buljarica Beach is one of the largest beaches on the Mediterranean coast; it is only 4km away from Petrovac. It is not just a beach, but an unspoiled peace of coastline with great potential, and probably in forthcoming future it will be the central place and maybe even the largest tourism town-complex. Until then, visitors coming to Petrovac can enjoy in its intact and clear sea with rich underwater world – fish, crabs, starfish, sea-urchins etc.

Drobni Pijesak and Perazića Do Beaches are only several kilometers away, in direction to Budva and they are also very attractive beaches to which tourists eagerly return. 

Geographical location of Petrovac is also ideal – it is located on the central part of Montenegrin coast, airports in Tivat and Podgorica are near, as well as international ports in Bar, Budva and Kotor, and roads that lead to inland of Montenegro and further on. For one hour you can reach Herceg Novi which is on the west, Ada Bojana that is on the very south, as well as old historical capital Cetinje.

The most famous place in Petrovac is its legendary, paved promenade lined with stone houses of old families from Petrovac – now completely open for tourists and people who come to visit Petrovac. At the end of the promenade, which is full of boutiques, cafés, cultural attractions - there is Castello – a small fortress, a symbol of Petrovac and its ancient past.

Bathing season that lasts more than 6 months, Mediterranean climate, great number of programs and attractions, authentic peace, spirit of hospitality and delicious national and international cuisine make Petrovac the choice number one for every tourist who wants to stay in Montenegro!

All those things we have mentioned are reasons for which old tourists and guests return to Petrovac over and over again and why new ones come incessantly.

S-Deluxe Apartments and Srzentić family welcome you and wish you pleasant stay in our and your Petrovac!


Beach and place Buljarica – nearby Petrovac – real natural pearl with great potential


Lučice - a pearl of the Montenegrin coast and one of the most attractive beaches.

Petrovac Town Beach – is the most popular in family tourism. Beautiful sand, clear sea, good ambient guarantee magnificent holiday and entertainment!

Symbol of Petrovac -fortress Castello and sky-blue sea behind it.